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Seattle Audubon advocates and organizes for cities where people and birds thrive.


Pacific Northwest Insects by Merrill A. Peterson
ISBN 978-0-914516-18-7
Caring for Birds and Nature Carings for Birds & Nature - 100 Years of Seattle Audubon edited by Constance Sidles
ISBN 978-0-914516-17-0

 Birding in Seattle and King County, Second Ed. by Eugene S. Hunn
ISBN 0-914516-06-X

Birds of the Pacific Northwest by Tom Aversa, Richard Cannings & Hal Opperman
ISBN 978-0295999920

Reptiles of Washington and Oregon by editors Storm and Leonard
ISBN 0-914516-12-4


Amphibians of the Pacific Northwest by editors Jones, Leonard and Olson
ISBN 0-91451616-7


Butterflies of Cascadia by Robert Pyle - OUT OF PRINT
ISBN 0-914516-13-2


Dragonflies of Washington by Dennis Paulson
ISBN 0-914516-15-9

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Books Published By Seattle Audubon Publications

(May 24, 2006/reviewed and edited May 15, 2007)

1942  A Field Guide to the Birds of the Seattle Area. By Earl J. Larrison**. Apparently the first title published by SAS on any subject.

1947  Field Guide to the Birds of King County, Washington. By Earl J. Larrison**. Illustrations by Elizabeth L. Curtis. The Trailside Series: Occasional Publications of the Seattle Audubon Society. H.W. Higman, Editor. Number 1.

1952  Field Guide to Birds of Puget Sound. By Earl J. Larrison**. Illustrated by Elizabeth L. Curtis, Lucy Wells Heald, and Marjorie W. Wells. The Trailside Series.

1962  Field Guide to the Birds of Washington State. By Earl J. Larrison** and Edward N. Francq. Illustrated by Zella M. Schultz. The Trailside Series.

1968  Washington Birds: Their Location and Identification. By Earl J. Larrison** and Klaus G. Sonnenberg. Illustrated by Zella M. Schultz. The Trailside Series. 

1970  Washington Mammals: Their Habits, Identification, and Distribution. By Earl J. Larrison** and Bonnie L. Lustig. The Trailside Series.

1974  Washington Wildflowers, Including 1134 Species of Wildflowers Most Commonly Found in the State of Washington and Adjacent Areas of Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia. By Earl J. Larrison**, Grace W. Patrick, William H. Baker, and James A. Yaich. The Trailside Series. (second printing 1977).

1974  Watching Washington Butterflies: An Interpretive Guide to the State’s 134 Species, Including Most of the Butterflies of Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia. By Robert Michael Pyle. Foreword by Roger Tory Peterson. The Trailside Series.

1976  Mammals of the Northwest: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia. By Earl J. Larrison**. Illustrated by Amy C. Fisher. The Trailside Series.

1981  Seattle Audubon Society Checklist of Washington Birds. Compiled by Alan Richards. [1981] (first edition, published that year but not dated, has 397 species). Reissued 1984 (405 species; compiled by Phil Mattocks, Gene Hunn, Dennis Paulson, and Richards), 1987 (414 species; compiled by Mattocks, Hunn, and Paulson), and 1989 (418 species; compiled by Bird Records Committee of Seattle Audubon Society). Checklist of Washington Birds was later taken over by the Washington Ornithological Society.

1982  Birding in Seattle and King County: Site Guide and Annotated List. By Eugene S. Hunn. The Trailside Series.

1986  Natural History of the Wenas, Washington Area. By Earl J. Larrison**. Illustrations and map by Gregory A. Pole. The Trailside Series.

1993  Amphibians of Washington and Oregon. By William P. Leonard, Herbert A. Brown, Lawrence L. Jones, Kelly R. McAllister, and Robert M. Storm. The Trailside Series. 1993 (second printing 1996, third printing 2000).

1993 (first paperback edition, with corrections, 1998)  Shorebirds of the Pacific Northwest. By Dennis Paulson. Drawings by Jim Erckmann. Published jointly with University of Washington Press.

1995, 2000, 2006*  Reptiles of Washington and Oregon. Robert M. Storm and William P. Leonard, coordinating editors. By Herbert A. Brown, R. Bruce Bury, David M. Darda, Lowell V. Diller, Charles R. Peterson, and Robert M. Storm. The Trailside Series.

1997  Breeding Birds of Washington State, by Michael R. Smith, Philip W. Mattocks, Jr., and Kelly M. Cassidy. Volume 4 in Washington State Gap Analysis–Final Report (K.M. Cassidy, C.E. Grue, M.R. Smith, and K.M. Dvornich, eds.). Seattle Audubon Society Publications in Zoology No. 1.

1997, 2007 A Field Guide to the Common Wetland Plants of Western Washington and Northwestern Oregon. Edited by Sarah Spear Cooke. The Trailside Series. Published jointly with Washington Native Plant Society.

1999* Dragonflies of Washington. By Dennis Paulson.

2003*  Gardening for Life: An Inspirational Guide to Creating Healthy Habitat. Published jointly with National Audubon Society.

2005*  Amphibians of the Pacific Northwest. Edited by Lawrence L.C. Jones, William P. Leonard, and Deanna H. Olson.

2002, 2007*  The Butterflies of Cascadia: A Field Guide to All the Species of Washington, Oregon, and Surrounding Territories. By Robert Michael Pyle.

2012* Birding in Seattle an King County, Second Edition - Site Guide and Annotated List. By Eugene S. Hunn

2016* Birds of the Pacifc Northwest - A Photographic Guide. By Tome Aversa, Richard Cannings & Hal Opperman

2016* Caring for BIrds & Nature - 100 Years of Seattle Audubon. Edited by Constance Sidles

2018* Pacific Northwest Insects, by Merrill A. Peterson

* Denotes titles still in print (December 2007)

** The Earl J. Larrison bird guides marked the beginning of Seattle Audubon's publication program and also of The Trailside Series. Larrison published several other works of Northwest natural history with other publishers. One of the more interesting is Union Bay: The Life of a City Marsh (with Harry A. Higman), published in 1951 by the University of Washington Press. If you want to experience the shallows of Union Bay at the mouth of Ravenna Creek back when they were crowded with bitterns (i.e., before they became the Montlake Fill), this book is for you – a naturalist's nostalgia trip. Also, his Birds of Southeastern Washington (with John W. Weber), published by the U. of Idaho Press in 1977, is still a useful reference for this little-studied region. It was Larrison, by the way, who started the tradition of the Memorial Day Wenas Campout.


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